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Felt is one of the oldest materials still in use, and its own nature makes it to be applied in many different fields. We flexibly use its characteristics to provide sealing, shock proof and oil absorbing wool felt sheets; wear-resistant, high-light grinding and polishing felt; colorful polyester felt sheets and rolls.


Pure wool production without impurity will not damage surface, with diamond paste and other suitable grinding abrasive,widely used for various moulds, medical equipment, jewelry, glass, cylinder hole, pipes and beauty appliance. Smart and practical design, excellent dynamic balance,  longer life, to help customers succeed.


Felt can be processed into many products, such as bags, crafts and christmas decoration, size and shape is made by different molds or laser cutting. Serving countless customers for 30 years. We understand all types of felt, and we know how to make it with the best advantage. Customised is acceptable.


Interactive whiteboard matching pen professional supplier, serving global 80% infrared screen and optical screen manufacturers. Offering program from precise touch control spacing less than 2mm to the economic touch 12mm. In 2017, we developed interactive capacitive screen professional pen.

September 20, 2011, TIGI Felt as for supporting "Hopeful Hearts" organization, free donated colored felt, craft felt, and positively cooperate with the "Hopeful Hearts" series activities. The charity
1. Support PPT playback. 2. A key color switch. 3. A key pencil, plate wipe switch. 4.WIN, Andrews dual system response. 5. Remote control layout, six keys more applications.
Flexible, can be used as shockproof, sealed, gasket and elastic steel cord fabric blanket material. Applicable to all kinds of industrial machinery - anti-vibration, oil lubrication, friction and othe
We can product various size, shape of the felt products according to customer requirements, we can open many different mold , and our bags finished by laser
Customer First, Quality First

TIGI felt was founded in 1979. Our motto is“customer first, quality first" and we get many customer’s trust. We have international advanced equipment, and close exchanges with international counterparts, 30 years hard work evidence that we can provide customers with quality services.